"We aim to Empower, Inspire, and Motivate"

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Thank you for your interest in supporting our efforts to serve our community. Your generosity enables us to continue to provide services to our youth and adults. Our School relies on your generous gifts and volunteer service. We would like to see that Brooks Peoples Academy & Arts, represent all cultures around the world. Show your love. Thanks 

Please help us provide youth and families with affordable programs in animation, sound & video production, live performance, and visual arts by making a tax-deductible donation today. Donate today! 

Fall School Year

We are classified by the IRS as exempt under IRC Section 501 (c)(33) and as a "public charity" under IRC Section 509. Therefore, donations from individuals and corporations, as well as grants from private foundations, qualify for maximum tax benefits allowable by the IRC

How Your Donation Will Help:

• $100 pays for one free week for a low-income family of four
• $150 provides a free art class of their choice for a school group of 30 students from a school that cannot otherwise afford a private lessons

​Here are some items needed:

**** School Sign ****
**** School Blinds****
**** School chairs ****
**** School folding tables ****
**** Book shelves ****


1. pastel colors
2. Color Markers
3. transparency paper
4. Plaster wrap
5. Clay
6. Glaze
7. wax paper
8. plastic trash bags
9. craft materials
10. Canvas


1. mic
2. P.A. system
3. Key board
4. Guitars (lead/bass) left &or right hand (Thanks to Dobson Carpets, guitars) 
5. Amplifiers
6. Chairs /or stools

Music Gear:
1. Acoustic guitar stands
2. Folding music stands (Thank you) Sponsored by Zachary
3. Straps
4. Guitar Cases

Other Items

1. Refrigerator (Thank you) Sponsored by Alner

School operating hours are from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The academy reaching out to enrich the community with open doors "Free" for those students needing a place to study and do homework. Visit our "Up Coming Event page and find something you would like to add to your "bucket list". Thank you for your visit. 

• $500 provides a scholarship for two children to attend our popular two-week arts, music & technology programs 
• $1,000 pays for the art supplies and staffing for 10 sessions for children of all ages 
• $10,000 provides an entire year's supply of clay for more than 50,000 visitors to use in their clay classes .

The Brooks Peoples Academy & Arts is not only an art school, we offer enrichment training for continued academic learning.

We foster the academic growth of every child while supporting and assisting in homework, standardized test preparation and study skills and school projects. We attempt to serve the "Whole" child and address the needs of today's working families. 

Brooks Peoples Academy and Arts